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The Earth is broadcasting a symphony of sound right now . . .

Madagascar is home to enormous suicidal palm trees . . .

Blacktip sharks can reproduce by virgin birth . . .

From Biblical latrines to ultimate survivor microbes, if it's weird—and true—you'll find it here!

Which Hollywood sex symbol had a signature fragrance called Shocking? (The bottle was made in the proportions of her torso.)

Who’s the mega-watt TV icon that held the title of Miss Fire Prevention 1971?


Who wore the first diamond "tennis bracelet"?

The answers to these and 997 other vital questions can be found in The Ladies’ Room Reader Quiz Book: 1,000 Questions and Answers About Women and the Things They Love.


"If you want your history in fun, bite-size pieces, this quiz book is the way to go." - Chicago Tribune

"Perfect for a long car trip, beach reading or, well, the ladies' room, this is an educational and entertaining way to pass time." - Publishers Weekly

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